Finland - Enchanting Beauty and Captivating Northern Lights

Finland or officially Republic of Finland, is a country located in Northern Europe On the coast of the Baltic Sea in Northern Europe. It is located on the Scandinavian Peninsula and its capital Helsinki. It is bordered by Russia to the east, Norway to the north, and Sweden to the west. reach number Its population is 5,518 million and its area is 338,440 square kilometers.

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Finnish people belong to the Ural group of the language group Ural-Altay. These people of Central Asian and Siberian origin later became from North. The structure of the Finnish language is very similar to the Turkic language and the Altai language group. For example, the word for "me" is "mina" in Finnish and the word You are "Sina".

Those who call Finland "the land of a thousand lakes" were in The reality is unfair. Because there are not 1,000, but about 55,000 lakes of different sizes. Although influenced by their neighbors Sweden and Russia for centuries, the Finns managed to Preserving their national identity with the important contributions of their language and culture differ from the people Scandinavian and Slavic. Today, Finland has established close economic and cultural ties with its neighbors in Scandinavia and Central Europe, as well as maintaining good relations With Russia though it is not quite made clear. When the ancestors of the current people of Finland came To Finland, they settled on the shores of the Baltic Sea in the first century BC is believed They migrated to the southern part of Finland in the twelfth and eleventh centuries. Beginning in the nineteenth century, close relations with the Western world were forged through missionaries Christians from Sweden, and soon Orthodox missionaries from Novgorod began spreading their denominations In the eastern part of Finland. Today the majority of Finns are Protestant, but there are also A small minority affiliated with the Orthodox Church in the country.



The most important feature of the land of Finland is its land structure and the majority of the country consists of plains, Hills and mountain structure are very rare. Mount Halti is the highest mountain in the world Finland is in Lapland near the intersection of the borders of Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Finland is very rich in fresh water resources, and most of the eastern region consists of Finland is full of lakes, the largest examples of which are Lake Saimaa (eastern Finland) and Lake Inari (Laponia). At the same time, there are sources such as the Kemi and Ulu rivers.

Because of the geographical coordinates of the country, the cold climate prevails. Kma The closer to the borders of Russia and the further north the more difficult the climate. Although Being one of the northernmost countries in Europe, it enjoys a cool and temperate climate. Winters are cold and dry Extremely hot summers. Rain does not fall in the country except during Autumn months. 


Binary code Triple code Phone code Population
FI FIN 358 5518000


name native name Binary code Triple code
Finnish suomi fi fin
Swedish svenska sv swe


name Code symbol
Euro EUR
Norway Sweden

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